Experience and technology

Getting localized in a wagtail way

How I migrated from wagtail-modeltranslation to wagtail-localize

My experience in migrating this site from wagtail-modeltranslation to wagtail-localize. With step-by-step instructions for those who want to make a similar migration.

An upgrade to Jammy Jellyfish

The story of how I upgaded Ubuntu to 22.04 on Nodes in Kubernetes cluster

Due to the fact that recently released Ubuntu 24.04 LTS and I still have Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on the nodes in the Kubernetes cluster and have some free time I decided to upgrade at least to Ubuntu 22.04.

Spinning out a High Available Kubernetes cluster with kubeadm

Deploying a production-ready Kubernetes cluster locally in virtual machines with kubeadm

In most cases, a local cluster of one server is sufficient for application development. And in some implementations it is not a virtual machine but a container. There are a lot of tools k3d and minikube just few of them.

But if you need to prepare for deploying a production cluster on your own, or to test the fault tolerance of distributed storage from an open source project, or to prepare for the CNCF exam. In such cases I have found it useful to have a cluster on my laptop as similar as possible to the one in production.

Here is step by step instructions on how to deploy kubernetes cluster with multiple control-plane nodes(ie high available cluster) on virtual machines using kubeadm.